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Self-care is the New Health Care

if you don’t take care of your body where will you live

Self-care sanctuary

 Traditional East Asian Medicine (T.E.A.M)

T.E.A.M is a nature based ecological model


 Cupping / Moxa

Ear Acupuncture in clinical or group setting

(Register specialist NADA - Protocol )

Acu-essential oil Treatments

Herbal Plant-Based Formulations

Food therapy for prevention & healing 

Yoga programs / somatic movement practices 

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Consultation & Classes

My support base

How Inducing the relaxation response changes Our Lives

Super Deep Natural Sleep

Improve and Stabilize your mood

Reduces stress levels 

Think more clearly and creatively

Dr Linda Lee



AHPCSA registration number A11217   

I have been practicing for 30 years.


I am a registered Doctor of Chinese Medicine and I graduated Summa-Cum-Lauda.


I have a worldwide support group and I enjoy exploring and learning in my field of expertise.


I have practiced and taught yoga for  30 years trained as a Yoga Teacher and how to apply yoga as therapy.


Post-Covid 2019 I have been trained and am practicing Embodied Somatic Awakening to  cultivate internal stability and resilience to adapt to our new changing world.


This means that I can offer treatment plans with acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, , herbal medicine, food/dietary therapy, essential oils, yoga, and embodied somatic awakening.


Consultation and Treatment Plans are also offered online.

“Any change into a new state of being  Is the result of the fullness of nature unfolding inherent potential”   Yoga Sutra’s

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